[COMIC REVIEW] Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Hello, lovelies! This week I have been binge-watching CSI: Las Vegas which is one of my favorite TV shows. While watching this show, I often read either mangas or comic books – something light that will bring me happiness but also keep me aware of what is happening with whichever show I’m watching.

This time, it was Heartstopper by Alice Oseman. These comics are so cute I was squealing like a little girl who got her Christmas present early. I have never reviewed comics since they are usually very short and is mostly about art. But this is heartwarming, cute, and lovely all around.

What I loved;

  • Charlie and Nick: their relationship is so damn cute and relatable. We have them as classmates, different grades, playing sports together, falling in friendship and then, falling in love. I think the whole transition was so adorable, confusing, hurtful, filled with patience, understanding, pain, secretively, happy, and full of love.
  • The family acceptance: Charlie’s family accept him, even jokes around, and understands him. He has his parents and siblings’ support and that is something I loved reading about. Also, Charlie’s dad picking him up after outings was so cute and very appropriate for the age, relatable and believable.
  • Nick’s mom was also wonderful, patient, and loving. Her easy acceptance of Nick’s coming out was wonderful. His brother was a bit of a prick – which was also well portrayed because not everyone in a family accepts a coming out right away and may joke around without meaning to – or understanding.
  • Friendship: Oh, I don’t know where to start. Tao was harsh but protective of Charlie, he didn’t want Charlie to have feelings for someone who was “obviously” straight. He was afraid that Charlie would get hurt and wasn’t afraid to exercise tough love. Then his cute crush on Elle and easy acceptance of her being transgender. I loved seeing Elle comfortable in her skin and her friends’ acceptance. Then, Darcy and Tara and their cute relationship. I want to know more about Aled who was a great friend and who is also in love.
  • School life: It was fun to see the school life aspect in these comics. From sports, physical education, exams, life as a student was never boring during this read. I also loved the teachers, they were supportive and I like that, having teachers relating to the same situation the students were facing.
  • The art: I love reading Japanese mangas so my taste for comics/mangas/webcomics is always topnotch /ha!/ I love the simplicity yet the small details in this comic. I specifically loved the way the author makes their intimate moments full of flowers and cute doodles – is as if explaining their inner emotions outside for our view. It was extremely cute to see these small details in the pages and understanding to a point how they were feeling.
  • Themes: coming out, acceptance, identity, family, friendship, support, by the end of the 3rd book we see eating disorder. I’m sure there are many, many other themes touched in the comics, but these are some of the ones I found to be the most important.

My reaction during the whole reading;

If you could get your hands on this comic series do it! You will love it.


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