The Blogger Behind the Screen

Hello everyone, my name Leyanis (also goes by sinayel) and I’m a 20+ years old book lover who spends too much time reading and fangirling over her favorite books.

こんにちは ; 여보 ; hello ; hola!

Living in the hottest state of the planet … not really but yeah; this blogger loves to write, gets bored very easily, re-reads more old books than new ones, and spends her time fangirling over handsome ruffians from regency romances. She also enjoys TV shows, reading lifestyle tips, looking into random sites with deals and buy things she may not need but wants.

What I enjoy to do when I’m not blogging!

Besides reading and fangirling about books, I love K-Dramas, American TV shows, and a strong dose of telenovelas (soap operas, mind you, the ones from 2004-2010). I love rewatching Goblin, but also Rebelde, Leverage, Pasión de Gavilanes, CSI: NY, CSI: Las Vegas, Lucifer, Criminal Minds because hello! DR. SPENCER REID IS YUMMY as hell…. yes, yes, intelligent guys are the best.

Besides that, I spend my time listening to music, watching anime (no shame, my age is just a number). I also love bullet journaling and re-decorating my home office 😂 Lately, I have also been baking more often than not 🧈 and surfing the web for different things.

What to expect in this blog;

This blog is dedicated to mainly bookish talk and reviews but soon will dive into other topic such as lifestyle and tips. You will also find bookish discussion posts, drama/tv shows reviews, recommendations about anything and everything, and all about book/music/movies/shows you can think of. You will also see a bit of anime and foreign language posts. Posts about must haves, items I love and just overall recommendations for your every day life.

Also…. Aquarius is the best ♒︎ and fall is the season to read and drink Colombian coffee with milk … 🍂 ☕️

My love and many thanks to the wonderful Kat @ for the lovely blog design! ❤
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