Disclaimer & Policies

Dear all, this blog is mainly about M/M & F/M ADULT books (meaning, there will be mention of sex and books with heavy sexual themes), read at your own discretion.

Dear authors/publishers, fellow bloggers, and readers,

  • I review books because I like to do so, some of my views may not be the same ones as yours but I write all my reviews with honesty.
  • Most – if not all – of the books reviewed here are copies I own and bought with my own money.
  • If a review is an ARC (most of the time from NETGALLEY) I will place a disclaimer at the end of the review stating this book was received for free but this will not affect or influence my thoughts on the book.
  • All reviews are mine and a reflection of my thoughts.
  • If I’m contacted to read and review a specific book I will only accept if the book is something I know I will be reading. I will provide a review by the date specified by the author/publisher/person.
  • This blog does not advice anything that may impact health [mentally, physically, emotionally]. I’m not a professional, this is a blog where I express my love for different things such as: books, TV shows, movies, music, etc.

Genres I read;

  • Paranormal & Regency Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Thriller and/or Suspense
  • LGBTQ+
  • Adult Romances
I prefer e-books unless specified otherwise.

All thoughts and words in this blog are mine and mine alone. If you don’t agree with something please move on.

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