[WEEKLY READINGS] Books I Read on the Second Week of August (8/9-8/15)

Hello, lovelies! ✨ A new week is here and I have more exciting books to talk about!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ So, let’s start shall we! ><

I only read 2 full books this past week but wow, I can’t not even express how much I loved these books. The drama and the rush was amazing and the plot, wow! I think I found my favorite book of the year and we still have like 4 months before the end of the year!

Books I finished (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Role Model (Game Changers #5) by Rachel Reid: This is by far one of the best books I have read this year – or even, in the last few years. The romance in this book is so good, the type of romance that makes you desire the same happiness. Troy is one of the main characters: a quiet hockey player who has been traded from his old group after accusing his best friend of being a rapist. Troy has a redemption arc that goes above and beyond. He used to be a jerk, hated by most but still a great player. Inside he’s alone, his mother is traveling and his dad has never understood him. He surrounded himself by hateful people and became one himself. Troy is lost, he is in a new city and a team that doesn’t like him. He has said horrible things that he regrets, his boyfriend left him – and both are in the closet. He has no one, literally no one to talk with and those first chapters were hard to read – especially because he doesn’t have any support at all. Enters Harris, a bubbly and amazing man who sees Troy and understands him. He doesn’t push, he’s always involved with the team and cares for them. Seeing Troy and Harris fall in love was gorgeous. The small gestures, the companionship, and mostly, the support Harris provides Troy. I loved how I see characters from previous books such as Ilya, who is one of my favorite characters in this series. He is always there for Troy as a mentor and team captain. The book was truly amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Disclosure by Michael Crichton: I read this bad boy back in High School, and while I didn’t remember every single aspect of the book I always liked the plot. Here we have Tom Sanders who is a high-level executive in a digital company, he has strong leadership skills, is well-liked, and is very smart. Tom is expecting a promotion but enters his ex-girlfriend Meredith who ends with his position. After that everything goes downhill for Tom especially because Meredith invites him to a 6 pm meeting where she practically rapes him. The role reversal in this book is incredibly well done, we have a man who makes an accusation against his boss because she has sexually harassed him and then we have Meredith doing the same. Everyone believes her, mainly because she is beautiful, ambitious and the new boss. At this point, it doesn’t matter how Tom has been in the company for more than 10 years and showed how good he is at his job. Doesn’t matter just that morning everyone was saying he deserved the promotion and not her. There is a lot of double standard in this book, the plot moves incredibly fast and in the process of four days – which I loved how the book is told within a span of four days – Tom is accused of sexual harassment, made fun at work, betrayed by his co-workers and friends, and mocked by the half of the people in the city. I just love everything here, every character has a motive and Tom moves fast and steady. Also, the description of the beginning of a digital era being described was phenomenal. I never felt overwhelmed or lost and I loved everything in this book.

Currently reading (◕‿◕✿)

Jewels of the Sun (Gallaghers of Ardmore #1) by Nora Roberts: Don’t even know what this book is about but is Nora Roberts! When I saw the trilogy for only $1.99 on Kindle I HAD to buy it! Nora is one of my favorite authors and her books always make me so happy ~ I’m still at 1% but that is because the trilogy comes in one file and it has 810 pages which is wow! I think there is magic, and siblings, plus is based in Ireland so hello! I’m all for it.

Imposing Saint (All Saints Security Series #3) by Jess Bryant: This is an eARC and wow, is so good. I’m 21% into the book and I’m loving the pace. This is no “insta” love and while I ADORE “insta” love if done correctly, I also love a good slow burn. We have Isaac who is a bodyguard taking care of Aaron a young Mayor who was left at the altar by his runaway bride. I peeked into the previous books and they are all F/M pairing. I love F/M pairings – tho my preference is M/M – but I looked into it and book 2 happens at the same time the events of book 3 are happening which I thought was so good! I never start series halfway but, I will definitively go back to book 1 and 2. Aaron is straight and Isaac is out and proud – I love how Isaac is attracted to Aaron but understand there is no possibility in that, especially because Aaron is extremely wealthy, a city Major, and has a high public image. Isaac is a bodyguard who loves Aaron’s strength and sincerity! I’m slowly devouring this book because I want this to last. I feel the romance will be so damn cute!

Still reading from last week (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  • Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim
  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor


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  1. Looks like a good reading week! I hope the next is just as good!


    1. Thank you! It was an amazing week 🙂 I hope the same for you ^^

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