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Dear Visitors,

The personal data collected in this website is as follow: by filling out the Contact Form, I collect your email and name but only if you choose to fill this form. My site themes may include a ‘Subscribe Through Email’ from which you may opt-out at any time, the only information saved in this case is your email. When commenting, your comment and web address is sent directly to my email for Approval. It stays stored in my email, but is not used for any purpose other than to let me know when a new comment has been posted.

For sites I follow, whenever you post something, that post is sent to my email and stored there. The only purpose of this is to inform me of new content or comment.

No information is collected for children under 13 years old. If you feel your information is being stored by my website at any moment in time and you do not wish for any information to be kept, inform me immediately and I will proceed to delete any information saved.

I use Google Analytic for my website. Google Analytics can collect a lot of data about how people use a website. At its most basic, it will collect:

  • Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page of the webpages
  • Referring site details (such as the URI a user came through to arrive at this site)
  • Type of web browser
  • Type of operating system (OS)
  • Flash version, JavaScript support, screen resolution, and screen color processing ability
  • Network location and IP address.
    (click on credit to check what else GA collects)

When accessing my website you will see the following banner: closing and accepting is up to you as a visitor. In this banner which is part of a WordPress Widget, you will see WordPress’ Cookie Policy and how it works.

Cookie Information (information provided by WordPress

Sites hosted on make use of cookies for a variety of different purposes. Some cookies are only set for registered users, whereas others are set for all visitors. We aim to collect the minimal amount of data necessary to provide our services. For more detailed information, see our dedicated Cookie Policy page and Privacy Policy.

A way for My Visitors to Access/Delete their Data:

You may request for me to delete your comment or any link provided by you in this website at any moment. 

Be informed of how cookie, privacy, and terms work:

All the plugins I used in this website are part of the Premium Plan by WordPress. No information is shared with Third Party Plugins unless stated different in the WordPress Policies.

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