[DISC] 5 Reasons Why I Donated 197 Of My Books

Hello, lovelies! 🍄 These past weeks I have been organizing my office. After years of loving books, I realized that I owned more than 300 physical books for which around 70% I didn’t even want to own. So, I packed 70% inside boxes and they are now ready to be given to local public libraries.

Now, you will be asking yourself – who in their right mind give books aways, especially a book lover. My own parents asked me if I was going a bit crazy after all these books cost me a lot of money! But they don’t bring me happiness anymore!

  • Outgrew some of the genres: Many of these books’ genre Young Adult, which is a genre I have outgrown and will not plan to read anytime soon unless is a book I truly look forward to reading. I did keep some books within this genre which I plan to read hopefully soon: The Raven Cycle, Black Birds of the Gallows, Stolen Songbird, and a couple of other paperbacks.
  • More than one copy: When I joined the Book Community, especially Instagram, I joined many, many book subscription boxes such as OwlCrate, MyBookBox, Fairyloot, Illumicrate, Book of the Month, etc. Unfortunately, most of the time these monthly subscription boxes had the SAME book which would drive me crazy. This is how I ended up with Plain Jane x2, Thuthwitch x3, and many others (hardcover and paperback version).
  • Books I didn’t care for: I also had a lot of books that after many years I hadn’t picked up. I owned popular series such as Shades of Magic by V.E Schwab, Six of Crows by Leigh Berdugo, etc. They were getting more dust than attention.
  • Not enough space: As book lovers, you can all imagine 300+ books, there was no point for me to have books I just didn’t want to read. I felt like a hoarder saving books just for the sake of ‘owning’ them.
  • Books I had read but didn’t want or love anymore: Books such as ACOTAR, Fangirl, romance books, comics, fantasy series, etc. I was extremely glad to say goodbye to Anna and the French Kiss (that as of today, it continues to be the worse YA I’ve read).

Lately, I haven’t been buying physical books – ebooks are my new thing. Kindle Unlimited is just wonderful and let’s not talk about Audible! There are so many free books that I can read with KU, so many wonderful new authors ~

9 thoughts on “[DISC] 5 Reasons Why I Donated 197 Of My Books

  1. I can relate to this post! I was recently organizing my book collection and have gotten at least 1 box full of books that I really don’t need anymore and its given me more space 😂📚💞


    1. Isn’t this an amazing feeling? Sometimes we keep books we don’t read anymore, they will find a new home with someone else who will read them 🙂


  2. The not enough space hits home. When I moved out I had to leave boxes of books at my parents’ house. Then there was water damage to the boxes so idk if the books survived. I still don’t know to this day if they are salvageable. I live way too far to visit my parents and I can’t travel due to the pandemic.

    I think you made a very good choice getting rid of the books that no longer serve you, and I think giving books to a better home is definitely the way to go. Happy feels 🥰


      1. It’s hard to let beloved books and other sentimental items go. I struggle with letting go of manga and anime DVDs especially. When I moved out, I brought some (but not all) of the DVD’s with me even though I no longer own a DVD player 😂Times are changing and I guess we need to change with the times. I totally get how hard it is to let go of sentimental items. Keep at it, and you’ll have a space you’re happy with in no time!


      2. I also have a hard time letting things go. During high school I would save every book I used even if it was something school related. I will never let go of my mangas tho 😂 that is something I will always keep with me. Same with my Japanese movies 🤭 those make me extremely happy💜

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      3. Omg I saved my notes from high school too, but I have a bad feeling that box got destroyed. Up until the end of high school, I would throw out one year of school notes dating back to kindergarten. I only kept 4 years of notes max and even then my filing drawer was stuffed. I’m missing some volumes of manga for some of the series so I might get rid of those first…. but for some of them it’s going to be really hard to let go. Same goes with my PSP JRPG games. Some of them are super rare but my PSP doesn’t work anymore. And they were UMD discs which they stopped making years ago 😭


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