Terms & Conditions

Dear Visitors,

At thebloggerandthegeek you will see art (posters) created by me with the B&G logo on it. You shall no use the art created in this website without my authorization. These banners/posters are posted in my Pinterest where is share and pin by others, but is not used in any other website/place unless I authorized so.

In this website, you will also see art created by Kat @ https://novelsandwaffles.com paid by me. The final product by this amazing creator belongs to me and shall not be used at any other website, edited or changed.

This website is a niche dedicated towards books and the love for reading (it may branch out to other niches later on but as of now, is uniquely tailored for readers, movie/tv watchers and those looking for recommendations in different areas). I will delete any spam, abusive comment, and/or block users who is causing harm in a way.

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