[REVIEW] Game Changer (Game Changers #1) by Rachel Reid

Hello, lovelies! 🌵 Yesterday I stayed in bed reading this wonderful book Game Changer by Rachel Reid. I’ve never read anything by Ms. Reid, I was missing on this because the book was glorious! I would like to say thank you to Elley the Book Otter for reviewing book two of this series – if it wasn’t because of this, I would have missed this amazing love story! (and book two looks just as sexy 😘 )

New York Admirals captain Scott Hunter takes his pregame rituals very seriously. In this case, it’s not just a lucky smoothie he’s craving—it’s the man who made it. 

Pro hockey star Scott Hunter knows a good thing when he sees it. So, when a smoothie made by juice bar barista Kip Grady precedes Scott breaking his on-ice slump, he’s desperate to recreate the magic…and to get to know the sexy, funny guy behind the counter.

Kip knew there was more to Scott’s frequent visits than blended fruit, but he never let himself imagine being invited back to Scott’s penthouse. Or kissed with reckless abandon, never mind touched everywhere all at once. When it happens it’s red-hot, incredible and frequent, but also only on Scott’s terms and always behind his closed apartment doors.

Scott needs Kip in his life, but with playoff season approaching, the spotlight on him is suddenly brighter than ever. He can’t afford to do anything that might derail his career…like introducing the world to his boyfriend. Kip is ready to go all-in with Scott—but how much longer will he have to remain a secret? 

Synopsis from Goodreads

What I loved;

  • Kip was an extremely relatable character: 26-year-old, paying student loans, with a diploma he cannot find a job with (History major – like me :O) and working part-time jobs which he’s not ashamed of but is not something he loves doing. He’s gay, never been ashamed of that, and doesn’t hide it.
  • Scott is hiding in the closet deeper than you can imagine. He is sensible, a private person, and smart. An orphan who raised to the top by himself and his own talent Scott has been having a bad season until he stops by Kip’s job and see him – plus order a smoothie.
  • I truly liked the awkwardness between them. When you meet someone new you don’t immediately establish a conversation where you have a lot to say nonstop. I liked how they were awkward and not always knew what to say, they had moments where it was silence and just uncomfortable which was very realistic.
  • Scott’s situation was also done very well. He is gay and has always been so, never had any interest in hooking up so close to his home but then when he meets Kip is different. He’s very shy, sensible and a good friend and captain. He helps his teammate, donates to children’s hospitals and funds. He loves his mother even when she has been dead for years and still respects her.
  • Scott and Kip are very charming together. They learned from each other slowly and they have their disagreements but eventually, they learn how to love with flaws and problems including.
  • The sex is … oh my god (there, I will leave it at that).

Scott stroked the backs of his fingers over Kip’s face. “It’s completely selfish, actually. I want to see you in a tux that was tailored to your gorgeous body. I might not be able to dance with you that night, but you’ll know I’ll be wishing I was.”

Kip felt winded. Scott kissed him again and murmured, “I want you wearing the suit I bought you. And later, when we’re alone, I want to take it off you.”

22% of the book
  • Scott’s teammates and friends were a great addition to the book and side characters. They respect him, are fiercely loyal to him and when Scott comes out to them they take it with a positive light – which I liked, how he was accepted by those close to him.

“We’ve got your back, Scott,” Huff said as they were leaving. “Whatever you decide, we’re with you.” Scott nodded, and swallowed the lump in his throat. He closed the door behind them before they could see him cry.

82% of the book
  • Kip’s friends are very realistic. They want him to take chances by applying to different jobs with his degree. They try to motivate him – sometimes to the point of being overwhelming but supporting.
  • Kip’s is also very realistic with his relationship with Scott. He knows Scott is not ready to come out in public because of his career but at the same time, while he tries to understand he suffers. There isn’t much drama in this book – in fact, is light, sexy, awkward, charming but there is only one small part in the book where it becomes a bit angsty.
  • The description of their relationship in the good and bad is really well executed. You see Kip unsure of this relationship, he doesn’t know if he’s enough for Scott and his rich life, after all, Kip is a man who lives with his parents, has a mediocre job, and believes not to be good enough for Scott. Now, Scott on the other hand is like a baby deer learning to walk. He doesn’t want to overstep, rush and most of the time is anxious thinking Kip will leave him.

“I would share anything with you, Kip. Give you anything.”

31% of the book
  • But, their love is charming. Kip is understanding but not pushing – until he realizes he will need to push a bit to help Scott. He is slow, takes care of Scott, and learns to patiently wait for him even when it hurts.

Scott said, “I want to go everywhere with you.” And Kip could hear the sadness in the way Scott said it. He could hear the unspoken But I can’t. But Kip would ignore it. Tonight, he would ignore it.

45% of the book
  • When Scott is doing a list of cons and pros about coming out and he realizes his pros are small but Kip is one of them – or mainly, the only one – he realizes that he can live poor but he will be real to himself, have Kip and have peace of mind. It was truly lovely!
  • They try to hide their relationship, spending most of the time in Scott’s apartment visiting the outside very little. It put a strain on their relationship on Kip’s side but Kip kept silent trying to wait for Scott to be ready.
  • The ‘coming out’ was so gooooood (I cannot express how good it was) I have never read a scene like it. It was charming, made me giddy and happy.

“Because he just lit up like the goddamn sun. Jesus. You guys are doomed.”

42% of the book
  • The final chapters were also very good with Scott bringing awareness and opening about his sexuality in order to not only be real to himself but help others in his field.

“I love you. Scott, I’m…completely in love with you.” Scott beamed and kissed him, still holding his face. Kip reached up and did the same.

49% of the book

I loved this book, read it with so much happiness and giddiness. I’m sorry this review was so repetitive but oh my god guys, if you enjoy this genre you must read this book. It made me happy to read about their love and their strength to have a relationship despite what the ending would be like. I would recommend this book to everyone.

5 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Game Changer (Game Changers #1) by Rachel Reid

  1. Ahh! Thanks for sharing that you stumbled across this book because of my review of Heated Rivalry. That’s makes me feel so amazing, Haha. I haven’t read Game Changer yet, but I’m excited to check it out! I also need WAY MORE OF THIS SERIES!!

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  2. This is such a beautiful review and I’m so glad you loved it so much 😊😊😊 I’m a huge fan of the second one though and I hope you’ll enjoy that too….

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