[DISC] Where do you write? [rambling thoughts]

Hello, lovelies! 🌱🌵 as writers and bloggers where do you usually sit down to write and let your imagination fly? For me, it all depends on the mood. Before having my own office for homework and writing, I would sit on my bed, but let me tell you it did not work for me. Most of the time I would just watch videos or read mangas online instead of writing or working on my blog. I think that is why it took me a year to really start this blog and writing more often.

in this post you will find lots and colorful pictures. this is not a book-specific related topic but a subject about your writing space.

In my office, I don’t only have books but I have a bit of everything; is filled with memories, pictures (not shown in this post for privacy) and small knick-knacks that for me are priceless.

I also love bullet journaling (that is why I have so many washi tapes!), it takes away the stress or when I’m down I just love sitting down bullet journaling without stopping – it relaxes the mind.

My k-pop collection is also something I hold dear. I haven’t bought any CDs for years now so the old CDs and photobooks are something I love displaying and hold close to my heart 😍

more books~

What do you have in your office/writing space? I like to have more than just book, I love notebooks, notepads, stickers of all shapes and colors, pens and pencils, colors, watercolor, paint, washi tape, memories, photos, photo books, candles, CDs, movies, posters and many more. I love being surrounded by colors and books.

Here, I let my imagination fly ~ 🌿 what about you, where do you write?

2 responses to “[DISC] Where do you write? [rambling thoughts]”

  1. I also tried writing on my bed/in my room and just became too distracted, but found writing on my couch does the best, and I feel like that I shouldn’t work either since the TV is right there and it’s a wide-open space, but I guess that works best for me. Also, your office/writing space is very cute/colorful 🙂

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  2. Your office space looks great!! Really like all those bookshelves 🙂

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