[RECAP] The Weirdest Month so Far😒 Yes, I’m Talking About You May

Hello, lovelies!🌙 We are back again with a monthly recap and I can’t believe it! Where did May go!? We are half way into 2021 ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ isn’t that scary 0.0

Reading – what a weird month ◔ ⌣ ◔

May was such a weird month for me. I read every single day but I didn’t read as much and I don’t know why. I read a total of 10 books which is a good number, it just feels strange – I feel like I didn’t read at all! ٩◔̯◔۶

  • THE VERY BEST: The Endgame by Riley Hart
  • THE VERY, VERY, VERY BAD: Gabriel by Taylor Ryan
  • THE UNEXPECTED: Not Like Other Boys by K.A Merikan
  • THE LOVABLE: Heartstopper Vol.4 by Alice Oseman

The Endgame by Riley Hart was such a surprising read, as I mentioned in my mini-review part 2, Riley is a hit or miss [most of her hits for me are when she co-writes with another author] but this book was everything: sweet, angsty, the characters were amazing, family-centered, the romance was lovely and the build up was also equally good. Everything in this book was so good! ❤

Heartstopper was also one of the best read of May! I was so excited to get my hands on it, I bought the UK version on release day because I HAD TO! ❤ Nick and Charlie will forever be one of the cutest couples in the universe. I’m so excited for Netflix’s adaptation, the characters are the cutest and so like the books! I was a bit sad Charlie’s younger brother wasn’t going to be there but I understand adaptations don’t always go as we plan, but still so excited!

Six Crimson Cranes UK Editions ~▷

Six Crimson Cranes

Isn’t this cover to die for? Six Crimson Cranes is a book that has been on my radar since I think the beginning of this year and I can’t wait to read it. I was in the process of pre-ordering [something I never do] when I realized US did not include paperback of that gorgeous edition going around. I don’t like hardcovers so I tried other websites and found bookdepository to have this UK paperback version! I can’t say I’m disappointed because as always the UK version is stunning! Have you ordered yours!?

Goodbye NetGalley 📖

I decided to close my NetGalley account in May, I just wasn’t invested. I think I never enjoyed the experience because ARCs have never been my thing. Also, pressure of keeping a 80% and above to get approved was just not worth it -plus if I DNFed a book it counted basically against me because I didn’t leave review for those. If approved, took me forever to read an ARC – I think the pressure of having to read it took all the fun away, so, I stopped asking for ARCs and after that, no point in having the account 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just wanna dun dun dance
Dun dun dance, dun dun dance
Just dance, just dance 🎶

In May I had four songs on repeat: Oh My Girl‘s Dun Dun Dance, Baekhyun & Seo Moon Tak‘s Hurt, WJSN The Black‘s Easy and Bruno Mars‘ Talking to the Moon 🎵

Princess Mononoke & Howl’s Moving Castle 🐺

May was a mixture of old favorites and great documentaries. I re-watched Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle which I absolutely love!

As always, the sound, imagery, characters, story and everything within these films make me so happy – so nostalgic.

I also watched some documentaries such as ABC 20/20: The Accused, The Perfect Lie. Total Wipeout was the best! Oh my god, it made me so happy – I couldn’t stopped laughing!

The Eighties by HBO Max was superb! Every episode was incredible, I cried a bit during the episode about the AIDS epidemic – it was such a dark time. Some episodes are very interesting, such as the boom in TV shows, the Cold War and Reagan’s presidency – I have mentioned before I’m a History major so I love watching documentaries and learning.

And, well that’s all folks! May was an okay month – while in terms of shows and music it was interesting – personally things started to change at work and I’m learning to navigate my new role and responsibilities ><

How was your May? Anything interesting, recommendations? Which book blew you away!?

4 thoughts on “[RECAP] The Weirdest Month so Far😒 Yes, I’m Talking About You May

  1. Happy to hear may wasn’t so bad!
    We also watched princess mononoke with my friend ❤️ to this day still the only ghibli movie i’ve seen 😅 eventually I need to correct that ahaha

    Same thing happened to me! Though it was with one book in particular- i just read almost everynight but still appeared to go just so. Slowly, ;-;

    Hoping you have a good june xx


  2. Many has the same experience with NetGalley. It’s fun initially but then soon becomes hard to keep up. There option not “I won’t be reviewing this title” on NetGalley. I love that Six Crimson Crane cover. It’s my most anticipating book of the year. Hope you have great June.


  3. Netgalley definitely is a lot of pressure. I love the UK cover for Six Crimson Cranes. It is so unique compared to others!


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