[MINI-REVIEWS] Bookish Update May 16th-31st

Hello, lovelies! 🌨 June has arrived, I can’t believe we are half-way into 2021! What is this sorcery ಠ╭╮ಠ

I’m back with another bookish update. For some reason which I will never know, May was not a good month. I barely read – I did read every day but I did not read as much. I don’t even know what else I did, when I enjoy reading the most ◉_◉

Between the 16th to the 31st I read another 4 books. I believe I read about 10 books in May which is a lot but compared to my usual reading habits is not that much! 🧐

Starting with;

  • May 18th: Heartstopper V.4 by Alice Oseman
    • Well, this was a lovely read and I won’t go much into details because I did a separate post where I tell you all why I loved Heartstopper!
  • May 19th: Harvest Moon by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes
    • This is book two in the Wolf Moon Rising Series, I talked about book one in the first part of Bookish Updates in May. I enjoyed book one and I found the dynamic plus world building very intriguing! Book two was a bit slow for my liking, it really started to move by the end of the book which sucked because it got REALLLYYYY good. I did enjoy the characters, Alexis was very independent and confident – knew what he wanted and was comfortable on his own skin. The alpha tho, man I had a difficult time with his character. For one I did enjoy how he wasn’t pushy or ‘alpha’, Ridge was smart, but very unsure of himself – he couldn’t provide to Alexis, his parents sold the only land that was his and he was in debt from his studies. But Ridge found his voice – eventually and thanks God because I was about to DNF this one! – but, like I mentioned the book really picks up and I can’t wait to read book three! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
  • May 21st: The Endgame by Riley Hart
    • What a surprise! Riley’s books are a hit or miss for me. While I have read and enjoyed some of the books they have written with other authors, I have also DNFed some because I couldn’t connect with the characters. The Endgame was amazing, one of my favorite reads of May. I liked both of the main characters a lot! Weston was out, unapologetic gay and very smart. A US Senator he comes from a family that has been in the government for years, and where his parents can’t accept the fact he’s gay. Then, we have Anson – a football player, very famous, who loves his family and is very inside the closet. I loved how this story is not about two strangers meeting on a bar and jumping on each other’s bones. No, here we have two strangers, one very afraid of coming out and one who is already out establishing a friendship – very tentative – that slowly evolves into physical and love. The entire story is /chef’s kiss/ plus the secondary characters were also amazing!

“I’m sorry if I ever contributed to your fear of being true to who you are.”

Anson’s best friend when Anson comes out as gay.
  • May 25th: Not Like Other Boys by K.A. Merikan
    • First time a title truly captures the ENTIRE book. Boy, let’s start by saying this book was so creepy. I was hesitating to read some scenes because I just couldn’t! I will talk about what I liked: the characters. Like how Ethan was so pure and gentle but then he was also sarcastic and dark. Or how Robert was so handsome and good, and how he loved baking/cooking yet he wanted to be a doctor for his mother. I loved their relationship especially how Robert saw Ethan, their interactions were extremely awkward at first and adorable later on.
    • I just want to mention that while the romance was great, there is some references to non-con. Also, I just never thought taxidermy is something that would fit in a romance book, just saying.
And okay folks! Those are the books I read from May 16th-31st. If you're curious about part one, you can find it here.

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