Hello, lovelies!❁ May has arrived and I feel so unproductive when I think about the blog, I was barely active which sucks because I do love writing posts and creating graphics!ಠ_ಠ Hopefully May will be a more productive month!

To finish this month’s mini-reviews: I read a total of 19 e-books. It was great (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ can’t complain.

Starting with 📖

  • April 17th: The Happy List by Briar Prescott
    • I had mixed feelings with this book. While I did enjoy the premise and chapter one was hilarious, I didn’t quite love the story and it felt rushed, plus very weak as it went on. This is a best friends to lovers, I did like their relationship as best friends, especially when Gray became unconsciously jealous whenever Kai was out with someone else. But, around the middle of the story when Gray just resigns from his very stable job just because, I was feeling very meh and the story wasn’t going anywhere. I will read book two just because I think is about a secretary and Gray’s brother, so I will definitively keep this one on my radar for book 2.
  • April 18th: Unnatural and Feral by Alessandra Hazard
    • As always, Alessandra doesn’t disappoint. She is becoming one of my favorite MM authors, and this series is MUAH /chef’s kiss/ The world building is spectacular, a world connected to another of my favorite series Calluvia’s Royalty but so different. Unnatural has low angst which I was so happy for, and the characters are great, I truly enjoyed their dynamic. But Feral, oh my god, Feral was intense, hilarious, enemies to lovers full of sass and love. I was rooting for Jules so bad in Feral – for his pain, his quiet love for Devlin and his loyalty for his family.
  • April 23rd: Desires of a Monster by Roe Horvat
    • This book was so different from other books read this month, even this year. The relationship was heavily based on sex which is the premise -and doesn’t disappoint-, so it goes like this: a demon who is immortal is known for giving sexual pleasure and feared because he is a monster – but really, he’s a cinnamon roll who enjoys giving pleasure to others(¬‿¬) The main character Rees is sweet, quiet and an orphan. I liked his mind, how he loved working and especially the horses. He was very innocent in all aspects and very shy, but came to fall in love with Cariad. And wow, Cariad was also phenomenal, didn’t push and took care of Rees with all his power. I truly loved every single thing about this book! At the end, it wasn’t about a sexual relationship but about finding love and being able to share his lifespan with someone Cariad truly cared for.
isn’t this just gorgeous, I envision Cariad like this – minus the head situation 😀
  • April 25th: Claiming His Pack by Jena Wade
    • This was definitively a different pace from the other books I read this month. I usually read one ‘pack/omega/alpha’ book a month because is a genre I enjoy. I always look forward to see how the author will re-imagine this world. In this book, while we have typical omega clichés I still really enjoyed the story. Niko was an excellent character: strong, leader and loyal. He was a protector throughout the book which I truly enjoyed specially because he’s an omega and usually they are described as weak and meek. But no Niko, he was able to escape the situation his pack left him and able to save his brother and friends. Dylan was also a great character, I loved how they didn’t push, especially Dylan who gave Niko space and was able to support him without being condescending. The relationship was great and so were the second characters, especially Niko’s brother!
  • April 19th-30th: Hell & High Water, Blood & Thunder, Rack & Ruin, Rise & Fall, Against the Grain and Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet
    • These were all re-reads. I love Charlie Cochet, and this series is one of the best series in terms of “new race” I’ve read. Here we have a world where Humans live with a race known as THIRDs. THIRDS are humans (or some were at the beginning, before the war) who are mixed with animals and marked during their childhood on the neck with the animal they represent. THIRDS can change into their animal side, sometimes they do so and live as animals -almost feral- on desolated sites within the cities. THIRDS are part of society but still, they are feared and are unequal in many aspects. These books focuses on a group of agents who work for the ‘police’ side of the THIRDS, this group are half THIRDS and half humans and everyone has a role. I love the plot, the adrenaline, the action and the friendship between these individuals. Mostly, I love the loyalty, how some relationships evolve into romance, how the ‘animal’ side is described, how they think and behave. These books are plot heavy and I’m all for it – because it also manages to include romances so good you smile throughout the whole thing.
four cute cats ~(˘▾˘~)
  • April 28th: Side Character by Emma Scott
    • So, this was a fast and short read which was meant to be funny, light-hearted, sexy and just foolish around. I can’t say much about the book because it was very short but I did laugh at some scenes, especially at how one of the character’s best friends were all rooting for him and helping the MC get some alone time with the other MC. It was funny and light-hearted, nothing much.


  • The Jock’s Trap K. Sterling: This was sad and painful. There was so much sex in this book I was like ‘what is this’. You know a book is bad when even the sex scenes can’t keep you reading.
  • Ageless Fate Toby Wise: This is an example of when omegaverse is so badly execute you can’t finish chapter one.
  • Face the Music K.M. Neuhold: Oh boy, there was no plot here, the characters were immature and didn’t know what to do with their life and the whole ‘cutting’ was just used as an excuse for one character to keep the other one close. It was painful.
  • Bad Boys Emma Alcott: 10% into the book and these two characters who know NOTHING about the other [not even the name] jump to sex and I’m like … what the hell happened here and did I skip half of the book? clue: I didn’t skip anything, it was indeed 10% into the book.
For part I please check the link.

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  1. ahhh i loved reading this💘💘 your blog is so CUTE and AESTHETIC and oh! i’m so glad i came across it!! your colouring scheme is so aesthetic!


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