[MISC] What I Did In March {blog break is over}

Hello, lovelies!🌻 Happy April ~ Spring is here and I feel like new!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 🌼 How is everyone doing? I spend March focusing on myself and getting some appointments out of the way; I truly felt like I accomplished a lot of things during this month.

I can’t believe we are already in April! Before we know it June will be around the corner and half a year has gone by.

I took an unannounced break from blogging and social media in general. I did take some time to surf the net a bit and like some pictures/posts here and there but mostly I didn’t do much blog-related 🤔 and #noregrets

Lifestyle, room make overs and self-care 🏃🏻‍♀️🍲

  • In March, I started cooking more healthy food. I don’t like vegetables that much, growing in a country where everything is seasonal and we don’t have much variety in terms of ‘vegetables’ compared to where I live now, I learned to be very picky. But, I recently started cooking a broccoli soup that is to die for ~(˘▾˘~)
  • I also bought a cycling bike which I really look forward to put together. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance but I’m dying to try it!
  • I painted my office a blue/green color that makes the whole thing dark and moody and I’m living for it. I also sold my bookshelf ◉_◉ and all my books are currently stuck inside a closet ⚆ _ ⚆ shame on me!
  • I did a bathroom makeover that puts me over the moon {the little things is what make a difference in our moods}. I bought new shower curtains, organizers, hamper and some amazing body wash {dove coconut smells divine}. My bathroom has never looked so handsome (─‿‿─)
  • Cleaning my bedroom and organizing my clothes has become a bit of a therapeutic routine for me. I’m painting my wall soon of a forest green that will make everything just pop ಠ‿↼
  • Also, I got a new face moisturizer that feels amazing!💆🏻‍♀️ treating ourselves from time to time is a must; something I’ve been learning to do.
  • Lastly, my eye exam revealed my left eye is deteriorating but, everything else looks excellent. I’m picking up my new glasses soon and I can’t wait 👓
  • I got a mechanical keyboard! ⌨ it lights up and the keys are smooth as a baby’s butt! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
  • I also bought roller skates! One of my goals this year is to learn how to roller skate. I’m still waiting for them and I need to buy protective gear, but I’m happy I finally bought them ><

What I have been reading 📚

blue: DNFed / green: worst read / yellow: best read

This past month I read some amazing books and discovered new authors! I DNFed four books which were not my thing at all, but the rest were good.

  • Show Me by Neve Wilder was the best read of the month. The series is HOT 🥵 literally one of the hottest series I’ve read. The plot and characters are top notch and let’s not mention how intense the romance and sex scenes are ಠoಠ
  • The Ballsy Boys series were also very H.O.T, I’ve never read books where the porn industry is truly portrayed as a job and nothing more. The characters were amazing and I loved every single one of them.
  • I have been lately more into series ~ I enjoy those where we see characters from one book appearing in the next one as main ones. I have always enjoyed series more just because we always get to see all the characters often.
  • I also started to listen to the audiobook of El silencio de la ciudad blanca by Eva G Sáenz de Urturi which is in Spanish and its been forever since I read something in that language – listening to it is difficult specially because I feel the book starts in medias res which is always hard for me especially in Spanish. I’ve heard so many great things about it tho, I will keep reading.

I have been watching too many crime documentary & singing in the rain ☔️

Hulu has been my BFF this past month. I love criminal shows and now I’ve been more into crime documentary based on real stories.

  • I’ve watched almost all the episodes from Nightmare Next Door, Unusual Suspect, 20/20, Hunting Jonbenet’s Killer, Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, The 1990’s Deadliest Decade, etc. Anything that is true crime and based on real stories I’m hooked. I leave the TV on while I work and the stories are just (/) (°,,°) (/)
  • On March I watch a thousand times Raya and the Last Dragon: I didn’t mind paying the fee because this movie is lovely. I loved everything about it and I cried like a baby in some parts. Just phenomenal!
  • I also watched and loved Zack Snyder’s Justice League which is ladies and gentlemen 4 HOURS AND 2 MINUTES OF GREATNESS #noregrets
  • Rewatched some old favorites such as Battleship, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, Matilda, Parent Trap {I find the original better!} both the series and movie of Pride and Prejudice {MR DARCY x2!!!!}, Practical Magic {it irks me to think about how different from the book it is every time I watch it since I read the book ;A;} some old Scooby Doo because why not 🤷🏻‍♀️

Music 🎧

  • One of my beloved k-pop bands had a comeback and I’m living for it. SHINee is one of the most talented groups ever and their comeback Don’t Call Me has been on 🔁 I specially love their song Kind and Body Rhythm (talk about a incredibly sexy song).
  • Dua Lipa has also been on repeat with Physical {only song I have of hers}. There is something so good about that song.
  • Some other favorites of the month: Beautiful Beautiful by ONF, Ponzona by Purple Kiss, Cry For Me by TWICE, After School by Weeekly.
I hope this month to get into the blogging rhythm again! I do miss blogging and just expressing myself while shoving m/m books, Nora Robert and historical romance into people's throat (~˘▾˘)~

ps. now I don't have to do a recap or biweekly wrap up because damn! this post is longer than I imagined it would be ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

6 responses to “[MISC] What I Did In March {blog break is over}”

  1. Welcome back!!! ❤


  2. welcome back!! it looks like you had a really productive march!! 💓


    1. Thank you! It was a great month :)✨

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  3. Great post, sounds like you had a really busy month and got so much done 💜💜


    1. Thank you! Yep, it was very busy but great ❤

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