[DISC] Books That Make Me Swoon πŸ’–

Hello, lovelies!πŸ₯° Happy Valentine’s Day ~ since this is the day of love and friendship, I thought it would be apt to share some of the books that make me swoon with their romance and friendships. But mainly, books that I absolutely love because of the relationships in them.

So, in no particular order:

  • The Obsession by Nora Roberts: Wow, if there’s something I love in this book besides the crazy suspense is the romance and the main male character. Xander is honest, hardworking, and never pushes Naomi who is reluctant when it comes to romance and trust. Xander and Naomi’s relationship is amazing: funny, trusting, slow, respectful, and sexy as hell! Besides the romance, we have amazing family bonds and friendships full of support. Full review if anyone wishes to know more about this book.
    • male/female romance. suspense. thriller. emotional abuse. suicide. serial killer.
  • Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts: This book is the fourth and last in an amazing quartet where we see four best friends falling in love, build a business, and create their happily ever after. In this book Parker who is without a doubt my favorite female character in the series falls in love with someone completely different to her: Mal who is rough on the edges, ride bikes, and has a devious look about him, Mal is also obnoxious in the best way – especially when it involves getting Parker’s attention.
    • male/female romance. overall fluff and low angst.
  • Wild by Adrienne Wilder: The romance in this book is slow and delicious (if you can call romance delicious, this is the perfect book for it). This is not an easy book to love at first, the romance comes almost second to the survival instincts and guilt, to the returning of society after being in the wilderness for months. But the romance doesn’t disappoint, the main characters are perfect for each other, this book was realistic, raw, and intense.
    • male/male romance. airplane tragedy. survivor’s guilt. surviving in the wild. mention of torture and drugs. mention of frostbite.
  • Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas: Oh boy, this book kills me with the feelings. We have a family – love the relationship between these siblings, even Leo who is a bit of an ass, but mostly a lost soul – who is on the verge of losing the little money they have and so they move to the countryside. Amelia our main female character is strong, honest, and the backbone of the family – she’s fearless. I loved Amelia who was always there for her siblings and often forgot about her own happiness and mostly, I loved Cam who was deliciously in love with Amelia. Cam is a gypsy and came from nothing. The romance is burning hot and so good! I’m often speechless when I re-read this book.
    • male/female romance. mention of death. loss of a loved one. ghost. physical and mental abuse of a child.
  • The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn: This book is, without doubt, my favorite for this series – as a young child I loved Benedict (book 3) but as I grew up I found Anthony to be so gorgeous – inside, with his love for his father and his family, – outside, for being a rake with a heart. The family bonds in this book are everything – the Bridgertons are without doubt one of those families easy to love and root for. Kate is a wonderful main character: sassy, strong, with a straight head on her shoulders, and honest to the bone. I have a full review here.
    • male/female romance. mention of death. suicide undertone.
  • Redeem by Christina Lee: This book has one of those slow-burns that makes you want to scream but is so worth it! The main characters are not the usual ones, we have the ex-boyfriends who were controlling and misunderstanding from other relationships and so together they are villains falling in love. The whole story was so well-built, loved some of the side characters but mostly, I loved Stewart with all his insecurities and doubts, and Michael with his weird ways of showing he cared. The romance and sex scenes in this book will make anyone blush. I have a full review if anyone wants to dive deeper.
    • male/male romance. mental illness. separation anxiety. control. PTSD.
  • Irresistible Poison by Alessandra Hazard: Mother of all books – this is by far one of the best enemies to lovers in this universe. This is also a very angsty book that hits you on the feelings – basically, it punches you in the stomach with the feelings. The main characters dislike each other for different reasons but slowly they start falling in love – first in lust, of course. The romance is not only great but the plot is superb /insert chef’s kiss/ the rollercoaster of emotions and the way the world-building plays a role within the romance makes this book an amazing read!
    • male/male romance. angsty. emotional and physical distance from parents to a child.
  • Fierce and Fabulous by Elizabeth Varlet: I’m currently re-reading this book and oh man, the feelings are killing me. I truly love the writing, characters, family connections, and friendship. We have Ansel who is broken, he’s an alcoholic, he doesn’t have a family, his job more or less pays the bill but his friends are always there for him. He meets Fitch and oh boy, it’s love and lust at sight. Yet, this book doesn’t rush the feelings even when the physical attraction is heavy. The relationship is healthy something I truly appreciated. The character growth and development is also superb! Plus, insert a bit of music, friends who love like family, and is a recipe for fluff and feelings.
    • male/male romance. drug use. very sexual and language explicit. homelessness.
  • Dark Lover, Lover Revealed & Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward: I decided to put these three books together because they come from the same series and they are all amazing. In these books we find a brotherhood protecting humanity and falling in love. Beth and Warth (book 1), Z and Bella (book 3), and Butch and Melissa (book 4) are three of my favorite couples within this series. The romance is powerful and sexy, they are connected by a thread almost like soulmates and I love everything about these books – I’ve re-read them so many times I know them by memory #noregrets
    • male/female. blood. rape attempt. past rape. kidnapping. death on page. past deaths.
  • Home Plate by Christine Lee: I read this book for the first time this month and oh boy, the romance was gorgeous. The slow burn, enemies to lovers, the discovery of new feelings, the sweet friendships and family’s support, Girard and Maclain being so right together it was glorious! This book hits you with feelings so hard, it was amazing. Maclain and Girard’s relationship is slow and gorgeous. Girard doesn’t push because this is also the first time he’s attracted to a guy but he is open to it with Maclain. Maclain who is allergic to bees and has a small toy his mother gave him, bakes, and is just gorgeous in all shapes and forms. This book was so sweet and full of feelings!
    • male/male romance. homophobia. coming out. enemies to lovers -kinda. parental neglect.
  • Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon: This book I have re-read so many times that I know it by heart. This is not an easy romance by any mean, the book touches sensible topics but when the romance comes into play is gorgeous, slow and trusting. Grace and Julian together are amazing, Julian is a cinnamon roll that needs to be protected and Grace does so during the book and is so sweet. I have a full review if anyone wishes to dive into this romance.
    • male/female romance. sex-slave. force sex. past deaths. stalking. invasion of privacy. past physical abuse/rape.
  • After Felix by Lily Morton: This was my favorite book of 2019 – if that is not enough to tell you how much I love this book I don’t know what it is. Felix and Max give me life! This book is angsty but also so good – like imagine reading a book that after you’re done you just sit there and wonder how can you find a romance such as this one. The banter is sexy and funny, the scenes of them together made me laugh out loud, it made me feel giddy and all kinds of happy. I also have a full review if you wish to read more about Felix and Max’s crazy love story.
    • male/male romance. un-required love. angst that will choke you for a bit and then release your heart to happiness.
  • Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox: We have arrived at the only book in this list that I absolutely love but have not been able to re-read since I first read it, here’s why: it broke my heart and made me cry like a child. Ladies and gents this book is full of feelings, this is unrequited love in the highest form, this is childhood friends getting married, having children, loving each other and our other male character on the side suffering in silence, supporting his unrequited love and being a constant in their life. I was literally crying with this book, you know when you feel so impotent and unable to do something, you wish for the story to hurry up and have a happy ending: yes, that was me. But the story is worth every tear and heartbreak because THAT ENDING IS EVERYTHING. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to re-read it, I hope to be, I still remember every single detail of this story and wish to go back and read it eventually -when my heart will be able to take it. Full review if you’re interested.
    • male/female, male/male romance. unrequited love. coming out. exploring sexuality. second chance romance. death on-page. prepare to cry.
  • Sea Swept, Rising Tides & Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts: This is a quartet but I have only read and re-read the first three books and loved every single part of it. Boy, Nora Roberts knows how to do family books with sibling dynamics, losing loved ones, and becoming stronger. I decided to put these books together because they all relate to each other, is the story of three brothers -not by blood- who grew up to become someone but still battle with their own demons, and introduces a new brother who is still being chased by demons and loneliness. These books touch sensible themes but the romance is so good, so worth the whole series. I fell in love with these brothers and their lives almost wished to live in the small town, fishing with Ethan who was my favorite character with his strong body but a quiet mind and an avalanche of feelings. Reviews for books one and two.
    • male/female. abandonment. homelessness. past rape/death. past child neglect and molestation.

I also have so many other good ones. These are some of the ones I hold close to my heart for many different reasons. Overall, books with romance, amazing family support, and friendships make me happy (β–°Λ˜β—‘Λ˜β–°)

Any recommendations?

ps. even if these are romantic books I've decided to leave some warnings because I don't want anyone thinking that just because these are romantic books they are all fluff. some of these books if not all of them, touches sensible themes.

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  1. Great recommendations! I haven’t read any of these books but Nora Roberts is an author I definitely want to check out


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