[REVIEWS] Books I Read in October } mini-reviews

Hello, lovelies!🌵 Almost December😜 I’m so excited!!! December is by far my favorite month, not even my birthday month makes me as happy as December. Anyway, here’s is my very, very late review of the books I read in October.

5 stars;

  • Epic by Adrienne Wilder (m/m, body shaming, past relationship abuse): I really enjoyed reading Matt and Andrew’s characters. Matt is the typical bike rider, who is muscular and loose when it comes to relationships. Never sticks around, is always doing someone different, and has been shunned by his family for his sexual preferences – we will get back to this later. Andrew was shy, mouse-like, also talented, and gullible. He has been watching Matt for a long time and has never entertained the idea of Matt taking an interest in him so when it happens he knows the reality of it (he doesn’t accept his own body, and thickness. I enjoyed reading how this character wasn’t slim like the usual main characters). Matt and Andrew’s sexual encounters were amazing, and even when Andrew doubted himself and his looks Matt was always there reassuring him. Matt’s family was the worse, accepting Todd’s (the brother) threesome with a woman and another man but not Matt’s relationship was extremely low and hypocritical. I was so frustrated during the whole family-get-together scene. Todd was an ass, I did not like him at all, he sucked as a brother and his parents were also terribly non-supportive. I think I enjoyed this book the most because of the relationship between Matt and Andrew – it may have not started on a good note but it ended well and I truly enjoyed Matt being there at all times for Andrew.
  • Practical Magic (Practical Magic #1) by Alice Hoffman (f/m, animal abuse, bullying): Full review here.
  • The MacKade Brothers: Rafe and Jared (The MacKade Brothers #1-2) by Nora Roberts (f/m, marital rape, physical/mental/emotional abuse, teenage pregnancy): Full review coming soon (too many feelings for a small mini-review)

4 stars;

  • Nothing Special (Nothing Special #1) by A.E. Via (m/m, rape, gang rape, emotional abuse, physical fighting, death threats): I always enjoy books with friends/coworkers to lovers, they know each other, is not insta love and we still have character development throughout the book. I really enjoyed how we are introduced to God and Day from the start and then years later. I liked their relationship and easy friendship – but I also disliked some things. God was repressing his past and suffering in silence, didn’t even allow Day to help him. His stubbornness caused unnecessary drama between them. Also, God’s past was horrible, from his family to everything that happened. His family not supporting him, God not admitting to his mother and brother what happened which caused unnecessary pain. I understand it was needed for the book but I thought it was unnecessary on so many levels. I did like Day and God as detectives, they were badass, I learned to like Gen even if I wanted to slap him sometimes, and I wish to say before you go into this book thinking is all about badass detectives bringing down bad guys think again. There is a lot of drama/angst, friendship but also trigger warnings: rape, physical and emotional abuse, homelessness. But, I enjoyed the relationship once it was past the whole abuse. ALSO, THE RELATIONSHIP OF DAY, GOD, RO AND JOHNSON [raise hand] HOLY SHIT, this foursome was so amazing, the best thing in the whole book [I think there should be one book just for Ro and his boyfriend].
  • Embracing His Sin (Nothing Special #2) by A.E. Via (m/m, marital abuse and rape, emotional manipulation, murder, rape, pornography):

Furious: tattoos, long hair, porn star = hell yes.
Syn: sexy, smart, badass = hell to the yes.
Together: holy shit.

This book was as angsty as the first one, I think this is something we have throughout the series. Is not just about badass detectives, we have a relationship with hard pasts and much drama in the middle. I loved Syn and Furious, though Furious was a bit exasperating without trusting Syn just because he was a cop, I did enjoy his independency and smart mouth. He was equally intelligent and was able to leave behind a harsh past. I did think sometimes he tried to be too independent without taking into consideration the people who supported him. Syn is new to the team, badass, and very smart – he is third in command and knows how to lead and command a team of crazy people. The backstory of the ex-husband plus the killings was interesting. I did think the ex-husband’s story was overkill, he was the typical bully who wanted an object instead of a husband. I was glad Syn kicked him so bad he won’t be back. The relationship was hot, fast, and slow at the same time. Furious as a top was THE BEST reverse card ever. His tattoos, long hair, mechanic, porn star wow, I truly loved him. This is no review, just my thoughts and me saying GO AND READ THIS BOOK.

  • Here Comes Trouble (Nothing Special #3) by A.E. Via (m/m, emotional abuse, losing a parent, reckless driving): Ruxs and Green are crazy and just fearless. They are the enforcers and they are not afraid of anything. This book had so many good scenes with them being crazy and funny at the same time. I was so sad about Ruxs’ past, the fact his mother didn’t like him and treated him like shit. I wanted Ruxs to just get the hell out of her life and let her be even if it killed him. His relationship with Green was very easy and comfortable, Ruxs with his short temperament and Green with a smart mouth. The fact they transitioned so easily to a relationship was expected and well done. We still saw their relationship as friends and supporting each other. Mainly, what I loved about their relationship is the easy acceptance of adopting Curtis. Also, the best thing in the book besides the craziness between Green and Ruxs, their fierce love for each other, and them forming a family with Curtis was Curtis and Gen falling in love. I need a book for them too.
  • Don’t Judge (Nothing Special #4) by A.E. Via (m/m, physical abuse, past death): Michaels is such an amazing character, we see him as a cinnamon roll in book 3 but he’s truly fierce and strong. Judge and his chip on the shoulder were a bit hard for me to like and root for, but once his past is explained I kind of liked him a bit more. Judge and the relationship with his dad was also something that made me sob a bit, especially the ending but it was very well done. I wanted to kick Judge in some scenes, he was a bit selfish and stubborn, his ego a bit too high but his relationship with Michaels was fast and hard – something that fit the book. I enjoyed everything, from the road trip, the dog, the police scenes, the ending. Everything was so well built, I was also happy to see everyone else in the story.

3 stars;

  • Stripped Love (Guys Next Door #1) by Baylin Crow (m/m, a bit of age difference, strippers, naive college boy, stupid misunderstandings): Phoenix with tattoos and long hair, dancing in sexy outfits – sign me up. Archer was such a nice sweet, innocent and lovable character. I liked their first meeting it was very sexual and also very innocent, Archer stammering and being all embarrassed. Archer’s friends were a bit over the top but I liked their support towards Archer. What took the rating down for me was the unnecessary drama. The mistrust was so stupid. I did love the ending but other than that, I was so mad with the distrust without reason even after Archer was told and explained the whole situation, even if he knew ex-boyfriend wanted Phoenix for him and was doing things to make Phoenix uncomfortable and return with him. Didn’t give it fewer stars because I did like the build-up of the relationship and the ending, but the middle was lame. 
  • Weight of Everything (Meadow Street Brothers #1) by Anna Wineheart (m/m emotional abuse by a parent, body shaming, body-changing): I feel conflicted, I always do when I read Ms. Wineheart’s book – some I instantly love, others take me a while to warm up to. I enjoyed Ulric from Flores’ story and I was happy he got his happily-ever-after. But in this book, I felt I never truly understood him. He was ashamed of his weight yet he was mean to Gage at the beginning, he wanted to lose weight for the people around him and not for himself. He didn’t truly love himself and did not believe Gage. Gage, on the other hand, had never had any interest in alphas but was submissive in some scenes and dominant in others. His feelings were all over the place. He was in debt and homeless but the story of his sister wasn’t developed completely for the audience to see beyond just his sense of alpha and responsibility. He got mad at Ulric because he wanted to help with the money without truly listening to Ulric and his reasoning. The story was all over the place.

2 stars;

  • Boss Daddy’s Knots (Meadow Street Brothers #2) by Anna Wineheart (m/m, age difference, stupid misunderstandings): I wanted to like this one so much 😖 I’m so sad I couldn’t enjoy it as much as the other stories within this world. I could not connect with the story, the characters, or the plot. I liked King in the small cameo he did in book one, and I loved his friends but his personality in this book was all over the place. I did love his channel with food videos, it was very nice to see the BTS of him making the video. But, his reaction towards Wilkie was arrogant sometimes, overprotective, distant, all over the place really. Wilkie was also so indecisive, insecure, didn’t know what the hell to do with his life. He wanted to be reckless with King, he liked it when King dominated him and was frustrated when King didn’t. His age was reflected in his personality and his overall lack of decision making and just overall self. Also, King’s daughter was basically at the beginning of the book and then disappear during the rest. It was a lot of sexual scenes/innuendos but very lacking in the relationship department – but that’s just me. The most I enjoyed in this book was King’s friends – and I truly wish Nate and Phinny get their happy ever after.

1 star;

  • So You Want a Baby? (Meadow Street Brothers #3) by Anna Wineheart (m/m, age difference, past abuse, and experiments): I think this series is just not for me. Anna Winheart’s books are a hit or miss, I love some of her series and just give up with others. I need to hang in there for Phinny which is the character I’m looking for the most and I hope he hooks up with Nate so I don’t have to read more of this series /sorry/ I could not connect with Lance and his sudden interest in Elly. Elly had a dark cloud literally over his head, I understand the horrors but even Jesse who was the victim got over the past and looked for the future. But, Elly didn’t, he stood under the cloud with thunders and rain and let it be. I just couldn’t with him and Lance. The story was weak, and the ending with the bad guy being inserted there to add drama besides the one Elly had already done with Lance and his brother, it was unnecessary. I could not root for anyone.

October was a so-so month, while I did read some phenomenal books – others were just meh.

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