[RECAP] September {books, movies, music}

Hello, lovelies! 🍂 It’s been a while since I last posted (almost a month 😖 ). August was a month of change and September one of adaptation and survival. September was also a month of depression and mental health which is one of the reasons I didn’t feel like posting anything. I’ve been feeling better lately, I’ve been spending my time cooking, reading, re-watching movies I haven’t seen in a while, and cleaning – lots of cleaning.

But, like always, no one comes here for the depressive stuff so let’s move on and see what I did in September! I was surprised, I watch about 35 movies in September and a few TV shows, but only a few made it to the recap because these are the ones I enjoyed the most. I also re-watched some Korean Dramas which as always is a comfort for me ~ 💜

Wow, I read a lot! ❤

Books; 14 e-books (and some DNFs not worth mentioning)

  • THE VERY BEST OF SEPTEMBER: Coming Up For Air by Amanda Meuwissen
  • THE VERY, VERY, VERY BAD: Stealing his Alpha Heart by Bella Mannaro
  • THE UNEXPECTED: The Ghost and Charlie Muir by Felice Stevens
  • THE LOVABLE: Best Love by Lily Morton

Music; once again K-Pop to the rescue #onrepeat

  • YooA: Bon Voyage
  • Taemin: Criminal
  • Lovelyz: Obliviate
  • SuperM: Tiger Inside
  • Everglow: La Di Da
  • Christina Aguilera: Loyal Brave True (from MULAN)


  • Enola Holmes (usa): It was actually really good, I enjoyed the breaking of the 4th wall and the characters – plus, Henry hello handsome!
  • Practical Magic (usa): I have watched this movie a thousand times and it always makes me happy to just watch and dive into the plot. I love the sisterhood within the story.
  • Juror 8 (krn): One of the highlights of the month, I love watching Park Hyung-Sik (he has a very naive and boyish thing about him), and this movie was funny, heartwarming and also incredibly sad, but I enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Goblin The Lonely and Great God (krn): This Korean Drama was released in 2016 but I’ve watched it a thousand times, I love the music, the magic, the backstory and the second couple’s romance the most. It always makes me happy, plus the bromance was very good and funny!
  • Home Alone 3 (usa): Without a doubt my favorite from the series, I usually watch this every Christmas but September was downhole of sadness and nostalgia so I had to watch it and laugh a little bit.
  • Be Melodramatic (krn): This is another Korean Drama I’ve watched many times, it includes themes such as death, depression, self-harm, suicide attempt, family support, friendship, a gay relationship, parents not accepting their children, self-love, toxic relationships and more but the friendship between the main characters and the support they provide each other has always make this drama lighthearted and not too heavy despite the themes. Plus, it gets very funny in some scenes.

Special mentions: Lucky-Key, X-Men, Overboard, Pokemon The Movie 2000, Pokemon 3 The Movie, Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys, Legally Blonde, Charlie’s Angels & Full Throttle, How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World.

On the Blog; {not much, sadly}

How was your September? On a good note, Fall has arrived!

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