[RECAP] June {books, movies, music}

Happy July! These past months have been crazy – for everyone. The world is on standby, and inspiration has been lacking on my side. I’ve started multiple reviews but I haven’t been able to complete any of them 🧐 creativity has left the room – unfortunately.

I’ve been enjoying reading, music and watching movies and TV shows. There is nothing better than The Closer, CSI: Las Vegas, and childhood movies to make it all better.

June favorite TV Show/Movies:

  • Midnight Runners (Korean Movie) – wow, talk about suspense, comedy, and bromance!
  • EXIT (Korean Movie) – funny, thrilling, and family-oriented which I love.
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (Japanese Movie) – MAGIC, that’s all, oh! and LOVE /cough plus Howl is fantastic/
  • Princess Mononoke (Japanese Movie) – a bit bloody for my taste and the gore is a bit too much sometimes but the plot is brilliant and so is the execution.
  • Storks – cool, cool, cool – and funny, so damn funny.
  • Knives Out – talk about a plot twist!
  • The Closer (TV Show): witty, good, episode-turner, must know what is next and brilliant.
  • CSI: Las Vegas (TV Show): unbelievable good, Grissom is a cinnamon roll.

Music: I have been on all K-Pop music this past month (for the past eleven years really)

  • Sunmi – Pporappippam
  • Super Junior’s Zhoumi ft Ryeowook – Starry Night (has been on repeat)
  • Seventeen – Left & Right
  • Super Junior KRY – When We Were Us
  • Weeekly – Tag Me (@Me)

Books: 13 in total

  • THE VERY BEST OF JUNE: Spring Strings by Lily Morton
  • THE VERY, VERY, VERY BAD: Up For Heir by Stella Starling
  • THE UNEXPECTED: Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • THE LOVABLE: Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox

TBC: Books I started in June but haven’t finished.

  • The Son (physical book) by Jo Nesbo
  • Hideaway (audiobook) by Nora Roberts

2 thoughts on “[RECAP] June {books, movies, music}

  1. Ah yay seems like you had a fantastic June!! Love that you included all the music you listened to!! I have been DYING to read Becoming but ugh it’s so expensive where I live 😦


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