[RECAP] 6 months MIA

Hello, lovelies! A few weeks ago I realized that it’s been 6 months since I last posted and I cannot believe that six full months have passed.

During these six months, I graduated (thanks Gods and above – those months were dark and gloomy, for a second I thought I would fail my Senior Seminar for the second time!), and then, the whole Coronavirus blew up in the world. I realize that the world came to a standby where everyone’s routine changed.

Persona life;

Work for me has been unbearable, I used to love going to work – now I dread thinking about it. I should consider myself lucky and be grateful to have a job, my co-worker tells me I’m feeling this way because of the current situation but, I feel kind of lost in this world and I don’t know how to navigate – sometimes I feel I have no place here, guess this is just my pessimistic side talking.

Reading habits;

But, let’s forget about the pessimistic side! What genre have you guys been reading lately? I’m currently reading The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton which is dry – oh so dry – but also wonderfully spooky and full of suspense. Is making me turn the pages and ignore the smartass 3rd POV who narrates the book. I love his writing, reading Rising Sun, Disclosure (one masterpiece), The Great Train Robbery, and Sphere during high school increased my love for reading and now going back to Crichton is like walking down memory lane.

I have also been re-reading a lot of series I love, one of them being The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I also listen to the audiobook The Obsession by Nora Roberts (for the thousand times) and I’m currently listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama. Such power and storytelling – I love imagining her life as Michelle Robinson, and her wonderful family life before she became the First Lady.

New skills & self-care;

During these months, I’ve also been getting into self-care (mainly, my hair!) because mental health and body have been a bit let down. But that’s another twenty bucks… Also, obsessed with makeup (which I don’t even use) and skincare. I’ve been learning new skills during this quarantine. I have also signed up for Masterclass (dear me) and I want to go back to writing, I miss writing (even if I’m the only one who reads what I create).

I want to go back to write reviews and blog, I miss many things in life that I used to do when I was younger – maybe now is time to go back to it.

If you were able to read until this very end: cheers! thank you for reading my messy six-month recap!

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