[OCTOBER UPDATE] What I’ve been doing for the past two months.

Hello, lovelies! ๐ŸŒˆ I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday ๐ŸŒตI haven’t post anything in forever even though I continue reading every single day – from mangas, to kindle books and audiobooks! September and October have been busy months for me, I went back to school in August and at the beginning was failing some classes so, since this is my last semester and I want to graduate – I’m so ready – I had to put priorities on school and the rest for later.

So, here is a small update on what I’ve been doing, watching, or just reading!


I’m currently reading The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey. This is a re-read, so far I’m in chapter 4 I believe, and is wonderful. I first read this book back when only book 1 had been published, as of today, the series is complete [3 gorgeous books] which I totally look forward to reading. When I read this book, I had just finished reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and if you liked DOSAB, you will like this one because it has a similar plotline and world-building. I adore the characters in this book, it took me a while to warm up to Echo – our main character – but the side characters such as Jasper – who is colorful, witty, and sexy – was easy to love. I have been more or less spoiled to the ending of the whole series and I’m terrified to read it but, I need to put this behind me and finish.

I’m listening to the audiobook for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling and oh boy, do I have things to say. I don’t remember the movie completely – is been a while since I marathoned the entire movie box, but, I distinctively remember hating the character of Dolores Umbridge, and now listening to the book, I applaud the actress for such a wonderful performance! Umbridge is mean, horrible, horrible, horrible and a character you hate from starting to ending – there is no redemption for her. And also, Harry Potter boy, I didn’t remember you being such a cocky ass – I think I hated him for the first 10 chapters of this book – please do not kill me Potterheads!

On another note, I’m listening to The Obsession by Nora Roberts for the I believe eight times this year. Going to and from work has never been this good.


Yesterday, I decided to open a YouTube channel. Now, this is something I’ve been experimenting and going over in my head multiple times but what the hell, is not going to end me so, I will give it a chance. I will be including stationery and bookish topics, maybe even K-pop Music, Japanese movies, K and J Dramas, and more!


University life;

I write ‘University life’ as if I have any, ha! This is my last year as a university student. I will be hopefully and with the help of the Gods of Homework, graduate with a dual bachelor in History and Spanish and a minor in Asian Studies – Japanese focus. Right now I’m taking three classes Spanish Medical Translations, Vikings Society, and Global Domestic Abuse. I’m starting to enjoy them now, this month – hated them at the beginning. As a university student, I don’t know if you guys find frustrating sometimes how the university doesn’t offer other classes for the certain requirements you have to take, and instead, we have to settle for some BS class. It always happens to me – hence, Vikings Society which is the class I currently hate the most.


  • Super Clap – Super Junior
  • Jopping – SuperM
  • Broken Vows – both versions from Josh Groban and Harrison Craig

K-Pop is dominating my life ~ as always. Plus, that comeback from Super Junior is killing it!

Well, that’s all. I hope to post some reviews this month – before the end of the month really!~ until then:

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    1. I also struggle with reading for pleasure but I sometimes have to read so much crap for school assignments that I push myself to read books that I love in order to not ‘hate’ reading when I have classes ><

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