[MINI-REVIEWS] Summer in reviews

Hello, lovelies! 🌿 I’m back to school, last semester before I finally graduate from what I believe is hell (aka my university). This semester I have 3 classes but already two of them are requiring group projects and research papers – which I truly hate so let’s see how that goes!

It’s been a month – even more, I think – since I posted anything. So here’s is a post of mini-reviews of some of the best books I read during these past months.

Wild by Adrienne Wilder – This book was a re-read. I still remember all the details from the first time I read it, but this didn’t make it any less enjoyable. For me, this book is mostly character-centered but the plot is also so capturing, so well-paced. We have characters broken in their own ways – one physically, the other mentally. August had it all and then he didn’t. He had his beauty and then he suffered a plane crashed where his body changed. Kegan was never completely happy – even as a child and hiding in the wildness of Alaska do things to people who live in isolation. The pace, the built of the book, the backstories and flashbacks made this book a truly enjoyable experience. I loved it from start to end.

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie – Another wonderful re-read. I first read it back in High School, I was a junior who didn’t know who Agatha Christie was until I read this masterpiece. Listening to the audiobook almost 10 years later was something completely new. Christie is the type of author who includes so many characters that sometimes it was a bit hard following the pace but this book was so well-written. Every character had a role and saw something – I wasn’t even bothered by the lack of romance because while the romance in this book wasn’t the type that took center attention it was subtle and in the background which I also loved. The mystery, the action, the murders were so well done. Applauses!

Heaven and Earth & Face the Fire by Nora Roberts – Book 2 and 3 of the Three Sisters Island. I’m thinking of doing full reviews of these books: especially book 2 because of Mac, the male character who stole my heart with his patience, his attitude, and intelligence. While book 3 was a bit of a letdown compared to the other books, I also liked it. The ending of a sisterhood that took three books to develop into a family was well-written and the mystery, magic, and island were enchanting on their own. The backstory of the three sisters, the malice of the main character, the romance, and even the side characters were flawless.

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