[MINI-REVIEWS] Books I’ve DNF so far this year – edition 1

Hello, lovelies! 🌿 can you believe in a couple of days we will reach the middle of the year! If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is. Time does fly, which is scary. That is why the saying goes ‘too many books too little time’. So, below, is a list of books I have DNF-ed so far this year.

When you’re not enjoying a book might as well stop what you’re doing because there are still too many books out there to waste time on something you don’t enjoy. I used to hate DNFing, for me not finishing a book was like a major let down, a disappointment with myself because most of the time I would push myself to end something, even if the book sucked. Lately, I’ve begun to accept that if I’m not enjoying the book for whichever reason, I will DNF and move on.

In no particular order:

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

look at this glorious cover!

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren (let’s clarify, this is the pen name of two authors, not one person) had been on my radar for a while now, I was so happy to be approved for this book. Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect with the story. I’m Latina – so I understand the craziness of big families, of the humor, shared in this family, and the attitude of the main character but, I found no connection with her. I found Olive to be almost immature – which was weird because she is a grown-up with a good job. Not saying grown-ups can’t be immature, but the whole feeling of Olive was childish and it bothered me greatly, didn’t fit with the image the author wanted to portray, on the other hand, it made her sound like an immature child who didn’t always get what she wanted. 

Her attitude with Ethan was sometimes funny but also incredibly pushy – I felt they had no connection whatsoever. You would think, ‘why does this girl keeps talking about connections!’ well, I enjoy when two characters hold a charming and funny relationship, where we see awkwardness but also a ray of hope. This, unfortunately, did not deliver. I understand the author was going to a fun and charming romance of enemies to friends and then lovers – or maybe even skip the friends and just go from friends to lovers – but the delivery of the plot was not good (even when the plot was so attractive and full of potentials).

I had to DNF at 26% because of Olive’s voice and attitude. When Ethan was the supposed to be the one who started the whole debacle of “enemies” I think she opened that door all by herself. Ethan for me was aloof but mostly, just socially awkward. Plus, the continual reference to Olive’s body kept me on the edge of my seat because it bothered me so much! There so many things that the author could’ve done to deliver a more mature character who didn’t pity herself or had a problem with her body – or really, who just stood for herself. Thank you, NetGalley for providing a copy of this book.

#Burn (Fever Falls #2) by Devon McCormack

cover hottie!

I read Fired Up which was book 1 from this series by Riley Hart. I actually enjoyed book 1, I found it fun and funny, the plot was nice and the characters too – plus, it was very hot. But, I tried getting into book two in multiple ways, sadly, I gave up.

The characters connection was very weird, almost instant-lust but one of the main character wasn’t even gay – yet he was comfortable within his own skin. The plot was a bit of a let down, the premise while it was good I felt the plot wasn’t delivered accordingly and the characters were rushed into the sexual aspect of the book instead of truly develop a chemistry that was equal on both sides – and not just ‘I want to jump your bones because you’re hot’. I didn’t think the character connected, didn’t like how the plot was rushed in other areas, and most of all, it was just a drag. So, I had to say goodbye to book 2 of this series – and I don’t think I will be reading any more of this series seeing as most of the time, these authors are a hit or miss for me.

Halo (Fallen Angels #1) by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

oh boy, that cover was the first reason I got this book

I didn’t realize the book was written by two authors until now. Wow, I’m so distracted when it comes to authors. Maybe, this is one of the reasons I had to DNF this book – the voices of the characters were a bit all over the place.

Halo, singer, and multitalented when it comes to the piano and even composing. Halo, who I didn’t get if he was totally straight with a fixation on Viper or if he was trying to look straight to not mix pleasure with business. Whatever it was, I DNF because of the characters.

The group of musicians is introduced in a way that didn’t really make me want to discover more of them. They sounded like a mixture of drunk, over their heads, maybe junkies and even thirsty for sexual encounters – which maybe, if you read it you will be like, ‘what the hell you were reading, the authors didn’t write that’, no, and probably they didn’t – I don’t even remember the plot completely. But, that was the impression I got, especially from Viper who may look hot as hell but was pretentious – even more than flashy and believe himself to be the last coke in the desert. Well, shame on you Mr. Viper and same for you Halo – who didn’t know if he wanted to jump Viper or run away. Like I said, whatever it was, I wasn’t interested to find out.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

gorgeous cover!

Now, don’t hate me on this. Like The Unhoneymooners, this book was an anticipated read – so much I bought both the audiobook and the book. I thought the plot was right up my alley, it reminded me a bit of The Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler – and while I enjoyed – not loved – The Vinegar Girl, I thought this book was such a humongous let down! I didn’t like Eleanor’s voice, or her demeanor – she was a mixture of straight-forward, a bit stuck-up with a splash of socially awkward and know it all. I found her character so terrible irritating that I couldn’t get past chapter two.

Her ‘mummy’ thing and just overall energy made me cringe so badly. I was listening to the audiobook on my way from and to work and it was dreadful. That’s all I have to say (you can read more about my thoughts on this mini-ranting).

There is another book, but, This Blogger, will no mention it here – that’s how bad it was.

How many books have you DNF this year? Do you DNF books? If yes, what usually makes you DNF.

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  1. Great idea about doing mini reviews for books you DNFed. Might actually do this too but I’ll wait for the year to end as I’ve DNFed maybe 1 book so far (I think..😁)

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