[DISC] ZenPop and Simply Gilded: a personal review

Hello, lovelies! 🌿 today is not a book-related post. As I mentioned in my post about “where do you read” I love stationery? In this post I will be reviewing – if you can call fangirling reviewing – two subscription boxes I adore: ZenPop and Simply Gilded. I’m a subscriber of both and I’ve been so for a long time.

This is a random post, once again, not book related!

What I love about Simply Gilded

  • For the excellent quality and amount of goodies, the box is only $25.00 monthly.
  • It includes amazing stationary goodies such as washi tapes, clips, stickers, a notebook, pens, notepads, etc.
  • The theme is always different and all the items are related to the theme at hand.
  • The accessories are extremely cute and well made.
  • The pens are also very well made, the design is gorgeous and the writing is smooth.
  • The stickers are foiled.
  • It always includes a pouch which like every other item is very well made.

Mixed feelings

  • I never know what to do with a small notebook. Is the size of a phone and since it always arrives every month, I end up with far too many.
  • Also, I feel they can avoid including the small pouches from time to time seeing as not everyone finds something to do with them.

What I love about ZenPop

  • The theme is incredibly fun! I love how this box is very personalized to Japanese culture when it comes to stationary (every little design is based on their culture and the information includes small notes as to how this item relates to Japan).
  • You definitively get items you won’t find easily in other countries.
  • Every item is useful because they don’t have a pattern of things to include in their boxes such as Simply Gilded which keeps the same sort of item but different themes (which is something I find useful).
  • They always include washi tapes, sometimes glue tape, pen, highlighters, notepads, stickers, scissors, book markers, etc.
  • The stickers are super fun! They are from food to animals to trees.
  • All highlighters and pens are from brands well known.
  • And best of all, everything is from Japan!

Mixed feelings

  • The only thing is, you will need to wait around a full month to get your box.
  • They are a monthly subscription box but you need to actually order every month – is not recurring. I always sign up for 6 boxes pre-paid just so I don’t forget to order the box with time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this stationary post. I use them to spice up my college/school notes and for bullet journaling – which I find very relaxing.

4 thoughts on “[DISC] ZenPop and Simply Gilded: a personal review

  1. Hey, thanks for the review. We’re glad you love (almost everything) about ZenPop! Just to let you know, we recently upgraded our subscription model, so you can now set up your subscription to automatically renew. Thanks! – Laura, ZenPop

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