[REVIEW] Diamond in the Rough: Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet

Hello, lovelies! I just finished Diamond in the Rought from the series Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet. I adore this series, I love when books have groups of friends and different books focus on different couples. This series includes four main stories Love in Spades, Be Still my Heart, Join the Club, and finally Diamond in the Rough. To explain a bit of the series, these groups of friends plus two others (which will have their happy endings in a series spin-off) are soldiers who now have a company focusing on security and they all had different positions there plus being co-owners.

PLEASE, READ: This series is a male/male romance which I adore and is in fact, one of my favorites genres within romance. So you will find details of two men loving each other and even mention of others.

What I loved:

  • King! Let me start by saying King is such a wonderful character and I had been waiting for this story since book one. He is a leader by default, strong and honest. He is amazing at his job, takes care of his people, loves his family, and is not afraid of getting in danger for those he loves. King is also an honest male who will stop your bullshit if he needs to.
  • His relationship with Leo was cute. Leo is shy, anxious about people in general, a dork, and not very good at expressing what he wants but King is perfect for him because King understands him, doesn’t push him, and supports him.
  • The camaraderie and easy friendship between these brothers in arms. They have a story that will forever mark their past but that doesn’t stop them from moving forward. They make jokes, respect, and support each other. They each have their own thing going but when they need to help each other they are there.
  • The action scene by the end of the book. I felt the book started very slow and was gradually slowing during the middle but the ending picked up so fast I was taken by surprise. But, I loved it! It was easy to follow, well-written, and packed with action.
  • The couples being extremely cute. During the previous books, we see each character learning to love someone completely different from them, and during all the books we continue seeing a bit of those relationship. I loved reading about Ace and Colton – my favorite pairing from the whole series.
  • I know I already mentioned King BUT, King with tattoos is another must-mention. I loved the description of his tattoos, the ones for himself, and the ones for his fallen friends.
  • The mention of Captain American and the Avengers. Loved how Leo’s dorkiness was used throughout the whole book and how this helped for the ending and fighting scene. Plus, King was Deadpool 😂
  • And, I don’t want to dive too into it but the sex was a-m-a-z-i-n-g /hides&blush 😚

What I was missing:

  • My Cubans Ace and Lucky with their sandwiches, Cuban food, and Spanish.
  • A bit more slowness in the relationship between Leo and King. I think it grew too fast (within a very slow pace when it comes to the plot) and even though I loved the story and the book overall was very slow in building to the last scenes, I felt their scenes were sometimes rushed.

But, overall this book was as charming as the other ones. I’m sad this chapter closes but, I look forward to the spin-off series! Maybe the author will include a bit of the other characters there like she has been doing through the whole series. If you guys are looking for a male/male romance with incredible friendship, dorks being dorks (and I don’t mean only Leo), delicious romance, and action add this one to your list! 🤗

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  1. Greaaaat review 💞


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