[AUDIOBOOK]: The Obsession – Nora Roberts {rambling thoughts…}

I want to fangirl over The Obsession by Nora Roberts. A friend gave me this book last year and it has been hanging out on my bookshelf since then until I got it as Audiobook. I love Nora Roberts, the first book I read by her was The Sanctuary back in High School and that book stuck on my head since then. I got it in Audiobook awhile back to read it again and boy, it was amazing so when I saw The Obsession in Audiobook I had to get it. Roberts manages to integrate a substantial amount of characters in her books and their voices are so distinctive through a narration that it gets you hooked.

argh, so many feelings with this one!

Roberts has a style when it comes to thriller and mystery, at least is a style I have noticed in both The Obsession and The Sanctuary. She provides a wonderful backstory to the characters and a setting that is informative and descriptive – full of wonderful little details that makes the setting feel real. Then she makes the villain have a voice and be someone you would not even think about it – because even the villain blends nicely into the characters.

[I will get more in depth about this later, maybe compare a bit both books].

The Obsession is captivating from the first chapter, Naomi’s character as a child is brave and her POV so detailed. The image that stuck with me from her POV as a child was how her father was portrayed – the hypocrisy of his character as a family man and as a serial killer.

Not only that but reading about Naomi growing up with the knowledge she broke her family, the death of her mother, and the constant looking behind her back just to make sure she can live a quiet life was so captivating.

I love her as a character and Xander, boy oh boy, I wish I could have my own Xander.

I’m on chapter 21 and is getting serious. Like, things are getting serious here. More rambling coming soon… [ps. this is not a review]

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